Monday, March 10, 2008


Ok its clear I suck at this but Im not giving up! Big things are on the horizon and I hope youre (whoever you are that might actually see this) excited. Ill give you the rundown of the upcoming events:

To start things off Im headed to Las Vegas starting Wednesday March 12th for the Mountain West Conference Tournament. This will be the 4th year out of the last 5 that I have gone (the only reason Im not 5 for 5 is Mark had to go and get married, GAY!!) and Im really excited. Conference tournaments are always great but I have a special interest in the Mountain West and BYU is having a great year so it should extra awesome. I know what youre thinking but no strip clubs or black jack this time around (or anytime around so far) but Las Vegas is still a great place to escape the ridiculousness that is a Provo Winter (seriously it was 55 degrees today and I got excited! What the Heck is that about?? Yes I said Heck Ive been in Utah WAY too long!)

Second Im hoping to overhaul the site sometime soon. I have a great friend (by "Great" I mean Hot) who is a pro at this blogging nonsense so Im hoping she'll help me out with some changes. Her blog is all kinds of awesome with a countadown and a playlist and all kinds of great pictures and tons of other bells and whistles so we'll see if I cant liven things up a bit. Heres her blog if youre interested

Third the NCAA basketball tournament is coming up so if anything will inspire me to Blog regularly it is March Madness. Its a great time of year (the greatest really) so look forrwad to some of my more inspired insights into college basketball!

So that is all for the Update I hope you stick around for the good stuff!

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