Monday, March 31, 2008


Well folks it happened! For the first time since the NCAA has been seeding teams in the tournament all four number 1 seeds are in the Final Four! Memphis secured there spot with what can only be described as a beat down against Texas. Memphis won by a score of 85-67 and the outcome was never in doubt. Kansas has a tougher time punching their ticket to San Antonio but in the end they over came Davidson 59-57. Unfortunately for this years Cinderella the slipper no longer fits and Davidson will be enjoying the Final Four like the rest of us, from their couch. A quick word about Davidson: they are a fine college basketball team who in my opinion was probably under seeded at 10. Stephen Curry is a delight to watch play (I still don't believe he is old enough to be in college) and they are a solid team who really plays the game the right way (in the future I will tell you what that is) So to Davidson I say its been a pleasure enjoy the off season.

So the match ups are in Memphis vs UCLA and UNC vs Kansas. This is going to be a great Final Four and I will give you my expert analysis later this week.

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