Monday, March 31, 2008

My New Favorite Thing

So starting about a week ago Sports Illustrated ( has opened up their Vault. They have created a data base with EVERY Article the magazine has published since 1954. Needless to say I have spent countless hours reading up on some of my favorite sports heroes as well as reading articles written by my favorite writers. If you love sports or just A sport or you enjoy good writing you NEED to check it out. Ive decided to post a link to a favorite story on a daily basis and thought I would start with one about Orlando Cabrera. Today is Opening Day and this year my Angels are gonna be missing one of my favorite players. In the off season OC was traded to the White Sox for Jon Garland and I was devastated. I have come to appreciate why the Angels traded OC but there is still a large hole at SS in my baseball heart. OC plays the game the way I think I would play it if I was in The Bigs. He plays with the passion of a Little Leaguer playing
with his best friends. Ive rarely seen him on the field without a smile and the things he can do with the leather are magical. From the first pitch to the last out, when OC quickly untucks his shirt and gets ready for a finely crafted hand shake with Vlad, it was a pleasure to enjoy a warm summer evening and watch him play. OC you will be missed!!

I hope you enjoy the short article and I promise I will be posting other gems shortly!


Amanda Pyper said...

SUP! Nice blogging. I don't understand all the sports talk but we can be blog friends nonetheless.

Jon said...

I just tagged you in my blog--head over to my blog to know more about it.