Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Interview with Coach Rose

WestCoastTilt: Coach Rose what are your thoughts on the way this year turned out?

Coach Rose: Well I think we made some steps in the right direction but I'm disappointed that we ended the season with two losses to teams we definitely could've beat.

WCT: If you had to pin point one thing that led to your losing those last 2 games what would they be?

CR: Well clearly our best players, Trent and Lee, were on spring break while the rest of the team was playing.

WCT: Spring Break?

CR: Yea Spring Break! I can't find any other reason they could've disappeared the way they did. I think they left someone in charge of their bodies via remote control and they went to Cabo or Daytona Beach and partied with their wives. Nothing else makes any sense to me.

WCT: Since you brought up Trent and his poor perfromance do you think he will stay for his senior year?

CR: If he has brain in that head of his he will. I mean I can see him declaring without an agent and maybe checking out the camps but for him to leave here after this year is absurd.

WCT: What do you think he needs to work on to get his game NBA ready?

CR: Well for starters a decent post move would be nice. I mean dont get me wrong Im absolutely in love with his turn left jump in the air half hook shot flip (Rolls eyes) but he has to be able to attack guys right or left and go to the rim and finish. I think he also has to learn how to be physical inside on rebounds. He hasnt realized yet that he isnt gonna out jump guys everytime but rather if he puts his body on people and then jumps he can be a double-double guy.

WCT: I couldnt agree more. What can Lee do to improve this team for next year?

CR: Well Lee did a great job this year he really stepped up into a leadership role and also increased his offensive output. However I think he needs to want the ball more in possesions where we need a score. For example in the Texas A&M game he scored his 13th and 14th points with about 9 minutes left in the game and then only took 2 or 3 shots after that. Late in games he has to want the ball. He is one of our few swing men who can create off the bounce and really attack gaps in the defense. Lee is a great passer so if and when the help comes he should be able to find the open guy.

WCT: What about bulking up?

CR: You know Im not sure Lee is ever going to put on mass. That just isnt his body type and despite his better efforts he really has a hard time putting on weight. I think he is fine at the weight he is at and does a good job mixing it up with bigger players.

WCT: What should the Cougar faithful hope for next year?

CR: Nothing less then a repeat as Conference champs and another deep run in the Conference tournament. We lose our starting back court, but to be honest with you I've never been so happy on senior night before. I expect great things out of Jimmer next year he has proven he can be a big time player at this level. Lamont Morgan will bring us quickness at the Point we haven't seen at BYU in a LONG TIME. Chris Miles should be back at the top of his game and he offers great depth up front. Jackson Emery returns from a mission and we lookm to him to help us defensivley. So all and all we should be an improved team. I think the Cougar Faithfull can hope for great things!

WCT: Thanks for the interview coach and good luck!

*This interview only happened in my head and in NO way reflects ANYTHING Coach Rose has said to me at anytime. Come to think of it Coach Rose has never said a word to me!

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