Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alive and Ranting

Ok, apologizes get old and Im not sure anyone even knows Im here anymore. However, I want everyone to know Im back and Im annoyed. With what, Im sure youre wondering, (or youve done the math and have figured out Im either annoyed with playlists or Celine Dion ) with these stupid and irritating blog playlists.
Quick story: I have a break in between classes every tuesday and thursday from 11 to 11:30. Not really long enough to go home but too long to go directly to my 11:30 class. So Im in the habit of finding a computer on campus and checking my favorite blogs. This tuesday I find a computer, sit down, and start surfing when I arrive at a friend's blog (the blog and the friend shall remain nameless) I am absolutely BLASTED with music. The music is so loud (in part due to someone who used the computer before me engaging in full out warfare with their ear drums) that I literally almost fall off my chair.
Now why do I share this story with you? Because this needs to stop! People of the blogosphere, if I wanted to explore your taste in music I would have stayed on Myspace. I read blogs to, well, read. Not to discover youve got a thing for JT and you think a little Hansen will get a laugh. If you feel the need to pass on these pearls of wisdom write something about them, dont subject my ears to their unexpected assault. If I want to listen to music I have this convenient thing in front of me called a computer where I can listen to music of my own taste at a reasonable volume.
Moral of the story: Get rid of playlists on your blogs (especially if they are Celine Dion heavy) and once again Im back and hope to keep this up a little better!


Jon said...

Dude...i can't tell what's worse: the fact that this is your first post in like six months, or the fact that i keep randomly checking to see if you've updated your blog...

Andrea said...

I sincerely apologize if it was my blog that you were looking at when the music attacked you. I can see how "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" isn't exactly the song you want blaring from your computer. However, I thoroughly enjoy it... so be forewarned that you need to mute the computer before checking my blog :). Go Cougs.