Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stay Golden Ponyboy

I think its time for another post (Im new to this so as I get better I hope to post everyday) and Id like to talk about the videos I posted. Those ones that are hanging out over to the right. I posted 4 videos (I think only 3 work) and they are all of Michael Jordan. Some of you may be wondering why MJ? In reality its a very simple answer, Michael reminds me to always be a kid. It all started in second grade. To that point in my life I was well versed in the Lakers (it was Primetime) but wasnt hip to many other NBA teams. Then I discovered MJ. Everyday during the morning, lunch, and afternoon recess time I WAS Michael Jordan. My good friend Mark Macauley was Scottie Pippen ( I got to be MJ because I could jump higher) and we were amazing. We could do it all every move, every play, every wag of the tongue I had it down. When things werent looking good for 2nd grade MJ I knew I could dish the ball to 2nd grade Scottie and he would handle business. Needless to say we were unstoppable. Granted our competition wasnt great, Kristy Umimoto was definitely the best talent for the other team, but in our defense she did play basketball at a Junior College later in life. 2nd grade was amazing but as most things we had to move on. In 3rd grade I finally got to play for the "Junior Falcons" every La Crescenta boy's dream. Being a growing boy I needed new basketball shoes and so one afternoon my life changed forever. I still remember the afternoon I went with my mom to the Sports Chalet on Foothill Blvd and I got new shoes. Not just any shoes either, my mom dished out 45.99 (plus tax) and I laced up my first pair of Nike Air Jordans. Oh man I can still smell those shoes as I pulled them out of the box, all new and full of leaping ability. Im sure more then a few times during that basketball season I paused, mid game, and admired how great those shoes looked on my feet. I might have realized in 3rd grade that I wasnt REALLY MJ but for 32 minuts on saturday we wore the same shoes.

And the list goes on: in 4th grade MJ played for the Dream Team and every shirt in my closet bore his likeness wearing number 9, his Olympic number. I can even remember that the Olympic team wore Reebok gear and Michael being a Nike man (as all good human beings should be) wasnt sure if he could wear the gear. But we all know he wore the gear and the Dream Team won the Gold with ridiculous ease. I remember the first 3 championships I remember coming home from school one day and watching a replay of his press conference announcing his first retirement. I remember 45 I remember the next 3 championships. I remember staring at the picture of Jordan's game winning shot for the 6th championship (studying it if you will) Jordan holding his perfect follow threw high above his head while Russell struggles to get his footing back and, my favorite part of the picture, the entire section behind the basket in perfect focus. I can tell you that there is one Bulls fan ( the game was in Salt Lake) in that picture raising his arms as the shot goes threw, hes about half way up slightly left of center. My favorite fan is a woman about 5 rows up to the left her lips giving away the swear she is about to let out. I remember the joy I felt thinking that MJ was going out on top having made the championship winning shot in such a classic way.

Now how do all these memories remind me to be a kid? Because whenever I think of MJ and conjure up these great memories nothing else matters. I am reminded why I am so enamored with a game. I am reminded where and when basketball started making me feel so complete. As I get older and am reminded constantly that life is serious and I need to take it as such it is great to be able to remember these times when I didnt just admiringly watch Jordan but for a little while everyday I WAS Jordan.

Im not sure if these videos remind you of anything but I hope that they might help you remember something that does hold signifigance. Something that you held dear as a child not because you understood its importance but because you loved it in a way only a child can. So if you read this, take a second, watch a video or two, and see what comes to mind.


mily said...

Was Mark Macauley really your good friend?

Jackson said...

He got a flat top because I had one we were def best friends.