Thursday, December 4, 2008

Now We're Talking

I have never had an desire to hunt and frankly I find the whole thing a bit absurd. Whenever I have the desire to chase something around the woods (or sit in a tree all day waiting) I just go to the grocery store and buy a steak.

"But Jackson you dont understand, its the sport that makes it great and Venison is delicious"

I dont doubt that Venison is great but give me a break with the sport argument. How sporting is it to sit in a tree in an orange vest and wait for a deer to wander under said tree? How is that sporting at all? Maybe we could change football so that each team just waits on one side of the stadium hoping that the end zone finds its way to them. Or how fun would basketball be if both teams sat on their benches waiting for the basket to wander by? I may never get my head around the obsession with hunting but I can, and will forever, laugh at stories like this one

I think the guy got what he deserved. But hey thats me some dumb guy who doesnt like sitting in the woods waiting to kill stuff!

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Glenoscka said...

i like ur point of tells the doesnt have any sense to wait under a stupid tree and wait til the thing comes out...