Thursday, December 4, 2008

MSNBC....The New Fox News?

So based upon this picture Keith Olbermann and MSNBC are clearly trying to keep a secret from their viewers. Whats that secret you wonder? Well MSNBC is just waiting for Obama to be inaugurated so they can take Fox News's spot as the President's propaganda machine. Here's a link to the Daily Show exposing this nasty secret

Now please don't misunderstand me, I voted for Obama (lets hear it all you BYU conservatives who think I'm dumb) but I think all journalistic outlets should be fair and balanced (wait isn't that Fox News's slogan? Kind of Ironic) and since its inception Fox News has done nothing but cling to the right and belittle anything negative aimed at the President. They, for lack of a better description, have been W's own little cheerleader. However, that same sick feeling I get when someone changes the channel to Fox News, which is usually accompanied by some remark about the "liberal media", I am starting to get anytime I watch MSNBC. I think Obama will do a fine job as President but MSNBC treats him like his Monument is soon to be up next to Washington's, Jefferson's and Lincoln's. Give the guy a chance to be sworn in and then please be better then the hacks at Fox News and treat his presidency objectively.

Quick note about my love for the Daily Show. Some of you probably consider the Daily Show a liberal news outlet and I couldn't disagree more. They have demonstrated time and time again that if you (Republican and Democrat alike) do something stupid they are gonna call you on it and then probably invite you onto the show. The Daily Show is great and hilarious and I hope everyone takes a minute to check it out.

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Andrea said...

Thank you Jackson! I'm glad somebody realizes that he hasn't actually proven himself to be the change America needs yet! Despite the fact that I voted for McCain, I am not an Obama hater and I very much want him to succeed as president. But people have got to stop acting like winning the election is the pinnacle... he's gotta prove he deserved to win. I always enjoy your posts... the Daily Show clip made my day. :)